9 Reasons why software bugs are like humans

If you are a software programmer, you'll meet a lot of bugs all along. The funny part is the behavior of software bugs is so similar to humans. Here are a few reasons that tell you why software bugs are like humans.

They love sex!

Leave a bug untouched and you'll find them increasing with each passing line of code. Software bugs love to have sex and so they reproduce and multiply very quickly.Too many errors Humans do the same, don't they?

They live, they are immortal

Of-course bugs want to live. So if you kill one, the family might not like it and they'll try to reproduce more bugs to fight against you. And the new born can appear at a time you least expect.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yHxj-47csUU Okay humans are not immortal but you get the point right?

They want to be invisible

Oh, yes, they hide themselves and deceive you of their existence. But soon, you'd find them living somewhere in your code. They'll though not tell you where they are.confuse

They like to scare you

They like to scare the shit out of you. They'll show you that they can do damage to the very existence of human race, let alone your computer.scare

They can also be annoying at times

Oh yes, they are so annoying.annoying

They have sense of humor

Of-course bugs have sense of humor. Sometimes, they'll make you laugh with their witty jokes.funny

And they play

It's working. Now it's not working. It's working again. I've no idea. That's what they do often. And you'll never know who in this universe is trying to destroy earth.play

They'll confuse you with their character

bug-feature They sometimes confuse you. When you think it's a feature, it'll be a bug. And sometimes when you think it's a bug it will turn out to be a feature.

They survive in their own territory

They survive at a place suitable for them. A client machine is their most favorable environment. Have you ever heard a developer saying 'This code is running on my machine'Works on machine Share in the comments more similarities that you know of.